The world first Wireless 3D Beacon

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Sample sketches are available on our github


What goes up, should probably have an IMU.

Never before has an arduino been released that with 10 dof, making it super simple to get your project off the ground, and keep it there. What are you waiting for, start building your UFO!

IMUduino includes these precise sensors:

  • InvenSense MPU6050 Six-Axis (Gyro/Accelerometer)
  • Measurement Specialties MS561101BA03-50 Barometer/Altimeter Sensor (High resolution mode, 10cm)
  • Honeywell HMC5883L 3-Axis Digital Compass IC

keyboard and mouse emulation, built in

Revolutionize the way humans interact with computers with IMUduino!

Learn more about keyboard emulation

 Its not just a beacon, it's the worlds first 3d beacon!

Why and how is that important? Your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth "Beacon" only does proximity sensing, based on wireless signal strength. A "3D Beacon" does proximity sensing, plus 3D space positioning, orientation, and inertial measurements. The IMUduino is a 3D beacon with on-board temperature sensing and high precision altimeter. 



Successfully funded with kickstarter

Over 150 people wanted to see IMUduino succeed, and we couldnt be more excited to see what you do with them. #IMUduino


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Feature packed at 4cm!

This tiny arduino compatible has BLE and IMU!

Femtoduino, the smallest arduino clone!

A cheap and easy way to add the full power of an Arduino UNO to any project. It weighs less than 2 grams, and fits almost anywhere!