FemtoBeacon Wireless IMU Essential Kit (FemtoBeacon and FemtoMesh USB Transceiver)

FemtoBeacon Essential Kit  

This Kit contains both a FemtoBeacon and a FemtoBeacon Mesh USB Transceiver to help you get started easily. Wondering what the difference between FemtoBeacon and IMUduino? Check out this comparison


LPS (Local Positioning System) allows you to track location of objects by means of RF measurements. IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) collects angular velocity and linear acceleration data. LPS is currently in experimental beta. 

Our dime-sized FemtoBeacon is an Atmel ARM Cortex M0+ (SAM R21E) with onboard 9-DoF IMU, high precision altimeter, and 2.4GHz wireless communications (LwMesh, Zigbee, Mesh networking).

FemtoBeacons provide zero-drift 3D position/orientation data, along with RF triangulation - You can pinpoint other FemtoBeacons (direction, distance, angle) with a high amount of accuracy!

FemtoBeacon is Arduino compatible, leveraging the advantage of the Arduino library ecosystem to help get your project running in no time. 

We have example applications to help you interface your FemtoBeacons to the following:

  • Unity3D
  • Node.js (with Three.js for rendering)
  • XCode
  • Python
  • C#


  1. FemtoBeacon - https://femto.io/products/femtobeacon
  2. FemtoBeacon Mesh Transceiver - https://femto.io/products/femtobeacon-dongle-presale-ships-6-8-16

Presale Ships 6-8-16

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